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ATRO CONTROL Company providing the wide range of automation and instrumentation equipments mainly diversified control system’s hardware or software, control valves, transmitters, safety barriers and industrial communities.


All of our staff is highly committed to deliver the best service possible to provide total customer satisfaction. We have trained group of  

engineers that can provide you technical assistance maybe over the phone, over the internet, over the counter or even at your site.


We see tomorrow's market to be more bustling and healthier than ever. So it is in line of our vision that we have a well rounded staff

capable of catering to all your needs.


We are totally committed to quality that we are only dealing with items with world renowned certifications.


We offer all of these items to you with pride and confidence.


As for availability, we are maintaining a full inventory daily and revising our ordering points monthly to cope up with

 the customer needs.


In hoping to provide the best service possible, we have teamed up with courier service, both local and abroad, to meet

the most pressing  demands.


 ATRO CONTROL Sales team has experience from almost all leading Control and Instrument vendors including:

















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